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We are a certified Concrete5 Agency Partner. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and expertise; there’s nothing we can’t build using Concrete5.

So why Concrete5?

Concrete5 is one of the most powerful & customisable CMS applications in the market.

  • Concrete5 is Open Source

    There is no annual licence fee, meaning your business can concentrate on creating exceptional functionality.

  • User Friendly & Intuative

    With the straightforward functionality, Concrete5 is seamless and easy to use; even for the most inexperienced user!

  • Mobile Ready

    Concrete5 is developed to support all modern mobile devices making your website very accessible.

  • Simple Ongoing Maintenance

    Concrete5 does not require continuous patch updates which makes system maintenance easier to manage.

Uptime Monitoring Report

Concrete5 Features

Concrete5 is simple to use with fantastic features allowing total flexibility

Simple Editing

Concrete5's intuative content editor makes content editing and management an absolute breeze.

  • In-context editing
  • Easy theme controls
  • Media Manager
  • Drag and Drop
  • WYSIWYG Editor

Updates & Maintenance

Simple to update and with no limits in customisation, making the functionality extending easy to do.

  • One click version updates
  • Simple Installation
  • Simple Adonn Management
  • Theme Controls
  • Drag and Drop Content

Mobile Ready

Built with support for modern browsers and mobile devices, meaning your website will work on any device.

  • Boostrap
  • LESS
  • Responsive layouts
  • Media Files
  • Dashboard

Social & SEO

Social share buttons already included. Concrete5 is also SEO optimised, meaning no additional add-ons required.

  • Custom pretty urls
  • Social Buttons
  • XML sitemap
  • Meta Data
  • Sitemap

Permissions & Worflow

Easy to create workflows and custom page permissions for different user groups.

  • Users & Groups
  • Attributes
  • Save & Approve
  • Custom Pages
  • Page Properties


Concrete5 employ the latest technology to protect sensitive data.

  • Audit Trail
  • Content approval
  • Captcha
  • Login History
  • SSL Compatible
Uptime Monitoring Report
“Rubik Digital understood our business objectives and did a fantastic job in solving our previously existing technical challenges. The results of the new website show that Rubik's digital transformation changes have been imperative.”

Joanna Perry, Global Head of Marketing

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